The ProQual Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health and Safety Leadership and Management is aimed at candidates who are responsible for developing and applying Health and Safety procedures day-to-day in their organisation. They are likely to be managers looking to improve their knowledge and skills.

To study this qualification you must be in a Health and Safety role and have past qualifications that allow you to understand the requirements to study at Level 7. 

Successful completion of this qualification will enable you to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which the processes of an occupational health and safety management system links to any ISO issues
  • Analyse any gaps to be bridged to satisfy the requirements of an ISO occupational health and safety management system
  • Evaluate the challenges faced by an organisation while implementing an ISO complaint
  • Evaluate the importance of understanding the organisation and its context whilst framing occupational health and management systems
  • Analyse the way external and internal issues have had an impact on the way an organisation manages its occupational health and safety systems
  • Assess the way in which the activities of sub-contractors and third parties might have a negative impact on an organisation’s health and safety
  • Differentiate between the various recognised occupational health and safety standards
  • Ensure the alignment of the health and safety management system with an organisation’s strategic goals, and that it meets legal, regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Evaluate the role of suitable leadership and management in the organisation’s risk reduction system
  • Analyse the requirements of performing fault tree and event tree analysis to show fact-based decisions
  • Analyse the relevance, validity and value of different data sources and information to implement a quantified risk assessment model
  • Evaluate the internal and external factors influencing the selection of different risk quantification models


Course Structure

Through the Learning Assistant platform provided by City & Guilds, you can earn your qualification online while learning, developing and practicing the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the Health & Safety sector.

To gain the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health and Safety Leadership and Management you must complete 5 mandatory units to demonstrate competency, knowledge and understanding.


Mandatory Units

Unit A/618/5596: Risk-Based Safety Systems Management

Unit F/618/5597: Safety Culture, Sustainability and the Global Effect on Performance

Unit J/618/5598: Digital Technologies and Incident Investigation

Unit L/618/5599: Development as a Strategic Manager

Unit J/506/2048: Establish Business Risk Management Process


Course Format

The learning material is provided electronically on the Learning Assistant platform with a guidebook and assessment plan. The assessment team will monitor your progress to offer you support and guidance throughout your course. 



A personal portfolio will be produced demonstrating understanding and application of the standards at this level, and evidence can be electronically submitted via the Learning Assistant platform. Your work will be assessed and verified by our trained Health & Safety assessors in order to complete your qualification.

The assignment questions will require you to draw on real organisations to illustrate your answers. Mature learners will ideally be able to draw on their personal work experience too.



Learners will receive 2 years access to their course. Average completion time for the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health and Safety Leadership and Management is 12 months.



You will receive full uncapped access to the TrustTeach Health & Safety assessment team for 2 years. You can contact the assessment team via phone, email or over the Learning Assistant platform.  Our assessors work Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, and any messages sent outside of these hours will be picked up during normal working times.  

You will receive the hard copy of your certificate within 4 weeks of completion.



The cost of the course is £1795.00

Should you wish to pay in full by card you can receive 15% off the full cost of the course. Use code PIF15 or call +44 (0)203 9002048.

Interest-free payment plans are available to suit all budgets with no credit checks.


Membership with Professional Bodies


You will need to maintain your CPD with IOSH whilst studying this course and we advise you to join IOSH as a member at the point of enrolment.

The Level 7 provides the appropriate level of membership to IOSH. You will need to maintain your CPD with IOSH whilst studying this course.

Please see this link for further details:


Progression Routes

You can use this course to apply to Strathclyde University for a Health & Safety MSc (Direct) at a cost of £5,650.00. You will need to undertake 600 hours of study to gain a full MSc.

Follow the below link to take a look: